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Fireplace and Chimney Inspection

Goss Bros. can inspect your chimney, fireplace or wood burning stove to determine whether or not your system meets current safety guidelines. If there is a problem, we will explain the nature and degree of the problem. We can also help you determine what your best options are for making your system safe and compliant. 

If you are in the process of buying a home, it's a good idea to have a chimney inspection done before the closing. If there are any problems, finding out about them before you buy the property could save you thousands of dollars. 

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What Does a Chimney Inspection Include?

An exterior chimney inspection reveals missing mortarA fireplace and chimney inspection will include a complete check of the firebox, damper, smoke chamber and liners. Of course, the exterior of the chimney will also be inspected, including the brick, mortar, cement crown and flashing.

Factory built fireplaces will be checked to make certain there is proper clearance, especially in hidden areas such as attics or crawl spaces. In addition, the inside of the chimney pipe should be inspected for any signs of buckling, separation or rusting.

Wood burning stoves should be inspected for adequate clearances and proper installation (per manufacturer's specs). The wood stove itself should also be checked for warpage, cracks and worn out gaskets.

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Annual Chimney Inspection

If you use your fireplace or wood stove occasionally to heavily, you should have an annual chimney inspection performed. Burning wood causes creosote deposits to build up in the chimney. An inspection and cleaning of the chimney will help prevent a dangerous chimney fire.

Chimneys that vent oil and gas furnaces should also be checked yearly for blockage, to prevent deadly carbon monoxide from entering the living area. Birds sometimes build their nests in chimneys. Liners have also been known to crack and split. When that happens, sections of the liner can collapse and block the chimney. Scheduling an annual chimney inspection will give you peace of mind.

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Fair Rates and Personal Attention

We offer fair rates for all of our products and services. When you call Goss Bros. you will receive the personal attention of an experienced chimney professional.

If you are in our service area and have questions about our products or services, call Don at 814.734.7354 or send an email:

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